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The SAEDF team tours a new building site in downtown San Antonio. SAEDF has helped to build over 56 K sq. ft. of office space in Greater San Antonio.
Community Minded
As Greater San Antonio looks ahead to the next decade, the business and economic development communities are launching the next generation strategy for smart regional growth. In addition to the traditional indicators used to track economic competitiveness, our upcoming regional dashboard will consider new indicators as well as a race, gender, and age-based data set.
GSA Economic Partnership Dashboard
The Greater San Antonio (GSA) Economic Partnership Dashboard expands on certain indicators to include the 8-county San Antonio-New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), and also monitors change in key areas of importance for business attraction and growth. This dashboard measures the region’s performance and progress against a set of ten.
How to Read the Dashboard

THE DATA: Trends measure the change between the most recent data and the last prior data available.
GSA Trend: Shows how the MSA’s performance has trended since the previous report indicated by + (better), - (worse), or = (no change).
COMPETITIVE RANKING (CR): Indicates how the MSA performs in comparison to the ten other metros in its competitive set. The list of regions is available below. 1 = BEST, 11 = WORST.
COMPETITVE TREND (CT): Appears on the same line as the CR and shows any change in CR from the previous year. Change is indicated by + (better), - (worse), or = (no change).

Labor Force