The SAEDF’s goal is to attract and maintain the presence of thriving businesses like yours in San Antonio. The products and services that you provide and the jobs that your company creates have a lasting impact on our culture and economy. When your organization excels, so does our economy- and in turn our community. Through the BRE program, it is our objective to provide you and your business the resources necessary to grow and prosper in San Antonio.


SAEDF leverages a wide range of resources and puts them at your fingertips. Together with our BRE Team (CPS Energy, SAWS, the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, workforce agencies and others), we address a multitude of challenges and find ways to help your company flourish by discovering solutions and opportunities. For years, we’ve used this technique to help local firms address a wide range of challenges and opportunities- including facility expansion, site selection, infrastructure assistance, access to qualified job applicants, and more.


The process to get started is simply: you talk, we listen. We believe that this is the most critical step; one that lets us understand your unique growth needs and pair your company with the expertise or the services that can meet those needs. Best of all, there’s no charge for our services.


  • Streamline Expansion of Operations
    • Site selection services
    • Infrastructure planning
    • Permitting
    • Zoning
    • Land use
    • Safety issues
    • Exporting Opportunities
  • Maximize Workforce Capability
    • Workforce on-site training
    • Specialized workforce programs through local colleges and Alamo Academies
    • Recruitment and job posting assistance
    • Job fair support
    • Hiring assessments and assistance
    • Financial assistance
    • On-the-job training incentives (pay portion of salary)
    • Just-in-time training incentives (industry-related-training)
    • Outplacement services
    • Downsizing assistance
  • Understand the Labor Market
    • Labor market information and statistics
    • Labor market benchmarking
  • Link to Public Services and Information
    • Resolution of specific Public Works concerns
    • Task force creation for interagency issues (streets/drainage, other)
    • Safety needs
    • Environmental awareness assistance
  • Maximize Operating Efficiency & Reduce Cost
    • CPS Energy rebates
    • Revenue generation opportunity via CPS Energy Demand Response Program
    • Circuit reliability and capacity support
    • SAWS water rebates and conservation education information
  • Make Professional Contacts & Network
    • Local professional service referrals
    • Connections to industry advocates
    • Business development introductions