Profit from Import/Export

The BRE Program can connect your company with the education to start, refine or grow an export initiative for your business. One BRE partner organization that specializes in this is Free Trade Alliance (FTA). Begin by learning and interacting with other companies already exporting at FTA’s Exporter’s Roundtables. The purpose of the meeting is to provide best practices in trade finance, international shipping and logistics, international marketing and sales, legal issues and compliance, and other success stories.

Connection to the Export Assistance Team (includes technical support)This component is designed to provide technical assistance to current exporters and to those exploring the idea of export. Together with partners in the San Antonio Export Assistance Team (SAET), the Alliance conducts an initial meeting with each interested company followed by a strategy meeting to develop a pathway to becoming export-ready. This component is designed to provide every resource from market research to logistics, to ensure an efficient and productive export experience.

Other services include:

  • Coordinate the activities of the San Antonio Export Assistance Team (SAET).
  • Accommodate exporter’s roundtables to encourage companies to export
  • Coordinate export trade missions
  • Coordinate Mexico Group in San Antonio to facilitate networking with international professionals and updates on current international business information and opportunities.
  • Manage an export directory of local exporters and export service contacts