Finding Talent

The workforce in San Antonio is fueled in part by the various training programs that are offered to the community. These programs provide our workforce with the skills needed to benefit businesses that are new to San Antonio, start-up companies, as well as existing industries.


Access Capital

Learn more about the resources available for local companies to access capital that support business growth.


Taxes & Incentives

​The SAEDF staff is available to prepare a custom informational package on taxes and incentives specific to your needs and potential location in San Antonio. We can help you explore the advantages San Antonio has to offer.


Business Connections

The BRE Team is convened by the SAEDF and is comprised of 16 partner organizations. Together, the BRE Team provides resources and opportunities to keep businesses growing in San Antonio.



As the 7th largest city in the country, San Antonio faces the demands of almost all metropolitan areas – the need for sufficient energy, water and telecommunication services. Through its abundant resources, the City provides reliable and affordable sources for corporate and private citizens. Through strategic forecasting, plans are already in place to grow our resources responsible and dramatically as the demand increases.


Profit from Import/Export

The BRE Program can connect your company with the education to start, refine or grow an export initiative for your business


Small Business Resources

San Antonio embraces and encourages entrepreneurship, and is aware of the challenges that come with taking those first few steps. Many local organizations exist solely to assist startups and small businesses by provided training, advice and financial services. Explore the opportunities that await you and your burgeoning small business.


Infrastructure Solutions

Connect with SA Connect, the first tool of its kind. SA Connect, a digital community infrastructure platform, is an online interactive tool that makes key infrastructure data readily available for online users.

Business Retention & Expansion

The SAEDF leads the Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Program, a unified effort to keep great companies like yours in the San Antonio community by providing a wide range of complimentary resources. As a collaboration between the SAEDF, the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, CPS Energy, SAWS, and other organizations, the BRE Team focuses its efforts to strengthen the following industries: Manufacturing, Aerospace, Healthcare/Biosciences, Professional Services and Information Technology/Information Security.

Learn how the BRE Program can benefit your organization and support your plans for growth in San Antonio.


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San Antonio, TX Is No. 1 In Economic Growth Potential

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