Co-Working Spaces

These hubs inspire coordination and idea generation by providing creativity-drawing spaces for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Cubes at the Quonset

The cubes at the Quonset are a new coworking space for small businesses, startups, and individual professionals in midtown San Antonio. We are located off Broadway and across the river from Pearl in the Museum Reach in a refashioned Quonset hut, an old building with plenty of character. Instead of squatting at the coffee shop every day, rent a cube and get all your professional needs met in a fun, collaborative environment. Cubes at the Quonset offers individual workspaces on month to month leases, so you have the freedom to get things done. And, like many great new companies, it was conceived and planned out on a tablecloth! To learn more, click here.


Provides a professional space for members to work on day-to-day tasks and meet clients or team members. Edify provides resources necessary to properly run a successful business and enlists professionals to that take ideas to the next level. Learn more about Edify and click here.


San Antonio’s largest co-working space, Geekdom not only provides work spaces for entrepreneurs, but also has created a community of startups that are eager to help each other kickoff. Known as “gym membership for geeks” membership to Geekdom grants access to a forty-five thousand square foot collaboration playground and hundreds of people who all have the same goal, but different skillsets and strengths. To learn more about Geekdom, click here.


Perch collaboration spaces are popping up all over the city. With a location in Alamo Heights and the Medical Center, Perch provides collaboration spaces to liberate you from a traditional office and the crowd of a coffee shop. Perch is a local work space that looks cool, quiet and calm – where you can get the job done. To learn more about Perch, click here.

San Antonio Entrepreneur Center

From creating jobs to triggering economic growth and generating local revenue, the value of startups can be seen in communities across the country. The San Antonio Entrepreneur Center (SAEC) removes challenges that most startups face by providing valuable resources in a much-needed physical presence to deliver direct access to education and mentorship needed to make startup success and economic growth in San Antonio achievable and sustainable. To learn more about SAEC, click here.

The Workery

A shared workspace and community in San Antonio made up of innovators, thinkers, and creators. At The Workery™, motivated members come together to grow themselves, their business, and each other. For more information on the Workery, click here.


Provides permanent and temporary office space that’s convenient to where you live or conduct work. With three locations in San Antonio, VenturePoint offers a unique business experience that takes care of your needs and gives you the freedom to work the way you want for as long as you want. Click here to learn more.