San Antonio is recognized as the #1 City for Economic Growth Potential by Business Facilities. The Brookings Institution also named San Antonio one of the strongest-performing economies among the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the nation and #1 in overall performance based on employment and unemployment levels. Driving the city’s economic sustainability and growth potential is its booming workforce. Backed by a robust education system of 15 colleges and universities, and additional training programs that beginning as early as middle school, San Antonio’s workforce is comprised of eager individuals that master skills that employers need in the workforce of the future.

Modeled after the US Chamber of Commerce Supply Chain model and the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), SA Works is an industry led coalition assembled to develop a comprehensive human capital strategy to fill the most pressing talent needs. The program was incubated by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce in 2015 and then fully integrated into the SAEDF in 2016. SA Works engages key partners such as industry leaders, school districts, higher education and community-based organizations to facilitate workforce provider partnerships that reinforce and improve performance across all partners.

San Antonio’s workforce in June 2018 was 1,184,166, with an associated unemployment rate of 3.6% – representing over 43,000 people. In addition, 15 area colleges and universities graduate approximately 25,000 students that enter the workforce each year. Manufacturing, education and health services, as well as leisure and hospitality industries, led the employment sectors. Between June 2017 and June 2018, total nonfarm employment increased by 1.5%.

Source: Texas Workforce Commission, Tracer2