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Forum Comercial Real Estate


401 E. Sonterra Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78258


O: 210.580.4490 C: 956.212.1837


Hector J. Romeu Jr., Vice President Brokerage Services

At FORUM CRE, we work with local, regional, national, and international companies to provide the best property solutions for flourishing businesses.

As a bilingual real estate brokerage company, we can provide advice for startup companies seeking for their first place of business as well as multinational entities seeking to expand.

We want to help our clients grow whether it’s into a new domestic or international market or just into a different part of town.

Our clients know that by working with us, they have access to trustworthy local advice, reliable research, and specialized technology that adds value and simplifies their real estate decisions.

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