About Us

The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF) is a private, nonprofit organization that assists businesses and industries locate and expand into the San Antonio area. SAEDF is supported by its partners (City of San Antonio, Bexar County, CPS Energy, SAWS) and more than 165 Board Members. SAEDF is governed by an Executive Committee, represented by the business and corporate leadership of San Antonio. Since 1975, SAEDF has assisted over 450 companies with their location and/or expansion plans, creating more than 110,000 jobs for San Antonians. Specifically, in the last five years, SAEDF has helped locate and expand 114 companies, generating 25,200 new jobs and fueling a total economic impact of more than $5.5 billion.

At SAEDF, we provide businesses with information to assist in the analysis of establishing or relocating a facility in San Antonio. Professional assistance with relocation analysis is handled with confidentiality and at no cost to our clients. Our services include:

  • Analyze labor market
  • Arrange community briefing and custom city tours
  • Introduce / meet with community partners
  • Identify and package all local / state incentives applicable to your business
  • Organize any specialized market research
  • Follow through with the development process

Executive Office

Jenna Saucedo-Herrera

President & Chief Executive Officer

Yesika Gonzalez

Administrative Services Manager

Business Development

Tom Long

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Sarah S. Sanchez

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Michele Boggs

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Reynaldo Cano

Vice President of International & Business Development

Daniel Chavez

Vice President of Business Development

SA Works

Romanita Matta-Barrera

Executive Director, SA Works

Shauna Goodman

Program Director, SA Works

Nikki McNish

Program Director, SA Works

Ruth Treviño

Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator, SA Works


Carmen Lara

Chief Administrative Officer

Colin Sherman

Director of Business Intelligence & Planning

Mario Castañeda

Research Analyst

Elsie Fernandez

Office Coordinator & Accounting Assistant

Marketing, Communications & Investor Relations

Erica Hurtak

Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications

Jamie Bloodsworth

Director of Integrated Communications
Executive Committee

David McGee

President & CEO, Amegy Bank

Craig Boyan

President, HEB

Lisa Friel

Office Managing Partner, EY

Paula Gold-Williams

President & CEO, CPS Energy
Public Sector Appointment

Sheryl Sculley

City Manager, City of San Antonio
Public Sector Appointment

David Marquez

Executive Director of Economic Development, Bexar County
Public Sector Appointment

Phyllis Gallay

Vice President, BD
Immediate Past Chair, North Chamber

Rad Weaver

CEO, McCombs Partners
Immediate Past Chair, SA Chamber

Dr. Esteban López

Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
Immediate Past Chair, SA Hispanic Chamber

David Crouch

VP Administration & Production Control Division, TMMTX
Private Sector

Alejandro Galindo

VP & President IMM Business Unit, Medtronic
Private Sector

Berto Guerra Jr.

Chairman & CEO, Avanzar Interior Technologies
Private Sector

Jim Laffoon

President & CEO, Security Service Federal Credit Union
Private Sector

William Raba

President, Raba Kistner Inc.
Private Sector

Wayne Peacock

President, Property & Casualty, USAA
Immediate Past Chair

Member Directory

All the companies listed in this directory constitute members of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation. These companies understand the value of membership in supporting our goal of not only attracting businesses to San Antonio, but also helping businesses expand and grow in our city. We invite you to review the information and join the many companies that support our mission to propel San Antonio to an economically healthy and prosperous future.

Member Levels

Visionary Partner

$5,000 Investment

Advisory Partner

$10,000 Investment

Strategic Partner

$25,000 Investment

Executive Partner

$50,000 Investment

President’s Partner

$100,000 Investment
Forefront SA

Forefront SA is the result of a collaborative exchange among the San Antonio economic development community, who have identified three primary strategies to propel San Antonio to the forefront of today’s top performing cities – defining established or foundational areas of strength, identify areas of improvement, and creating new methods for optimization. Our community has united to develop Forefront SA as a guide to evolve and improve San Antonio’s economic development delivery system and to launch our city to a position of prominence and prosperity. 

SA Works

SA Works is strengthening San Antonio’s workforce pipeline by aligning training and educational opportunities with the skills needed by our most booming industry sectors. With a goal to grow experiential learning opportunities available to students, educators and employers, SA Works provides hands-on training, internships and career resources to individuals just entering the workforce as well as those trying to move up in their industry. To learn more about SA Works, click here.

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Impact Studies/Reports

In 2015, a total of 4,350 jobs were added in San Antonio and Bexar county with a total economic impact of $1.1 billion as reported by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF). 

The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation is your source for market intelligence and your advocate in identifying all the benefits for expanding to San Antonio.
Why should my firm support the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation?

The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation is the only organization proactively marketing the San Antonio area to attract business investment, which translates directly to jobs and a healthy economy. SAEDF relies on the support of the Board of Directors to provide the assistance to businesses interested in locating or expanding their operations in San Antonio.

What are the benefits of membership for my firm?

Your investment in SAEDF ensures a greater volume of business in our city. Membership demonstrates your company’s commitment to progress and economic vitality. Every investor sits on the Board of Directors for SAEDF, which meets quarterly. These meetings are a forum for the interchange of ideas between members and the organization’s leadership. As an SAEDF Board Member, you receive a quarterly report announcing new business locations as well as updates on prospect flow and important marketing activities in addition to a host of other benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Isn’t my membership in the area Chambers accomplishing the same thing?

No. SAEDF and the various Chambers of Commerce have distinctly different agendas. The Chambers serve as the voice of the business community, striving to improve the quality of life in the city with a business advocate’s role. SAEDF is a marketing and sales organization actively promoting our city to national and international business; it works to bring new job-producing investments to San Antonio.

Doesn’t the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation already have enough funds?

In the highly competitive economic development industry, our annual budget is one of the smallest. Research shows that SAEDF spends less per capita than other economic development offices. As a result, the Foundation is recognized as one of the most efficient operations of its type in the country, maximizing the effectiveness of its budget. We compete with many cities that dedicate up to ½-cent sales tax for economic development purposes.

Will my annual investment really make a difference?

Yes. Every increase in our budget means an increase in the marketing programs we are able to conduct. The more San Antonio is recognized around the world as an ideal business location, the more jobs are created for our citizens and the volume of business in our city multiplies. Every $550 dollars invested translates into one new job for San Antonio. The more you invest, the more jobs you help create.

Will my membership be tax deductible?

SAEDF is classified as a 501 (c) (6). Investment/membership dues made to the SAEDF are not deductible as charitable contributions. The majority of our members have been able to deduct their investment as ordinary and necessary business deductions under Internal Revenue Code section 162 or 212 because the purpose of the organization is to promote economic and industrial development in San Antonio.