Tech & Cybersecurity Lead Job Growth and Demand

Over the last two years, approximately 40%of the projects SAEDF has secured have been in technology and cybersecurity. Jobs in these sectors are projected to increase in San Antonio by 17%, outpacing the national growth rate. San Antonio has the highest concentration of cybersecurity professionals outside of the Washington DC region, and that will only continue to grow.

SA Works, the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation’s workforce development team, is focused on reducing the skills gap in target industries of IT, cybersecurity, manufacturing and life science by producing the needed skills from local education and training programs to create a robust workforce pipeline. SA Works is seeing the increase in demand for IT and cybersecurity professionals first hand. Cybersecurity and IT present the greatest opportunity for San Antonio to become a global industry leader, if San Antonio can continue to support its growth.

SA Works recently published the community’s first IT and Cybersecurity Demand Occupation and Education Report which studies San Antonio’s IT and cybersecurity industry, its education providers, and the largest hiring employers to better understand potential skills gaps and serve as a catalyst for alignment in education and industry before these skills gaps worsen. This report highlights the occupations in highest demand in San Antonio, as well as the skills and qualifications required to compete for these jobs, based on primary employer data and reputable data sources.

Bridging the gap between demand and San Antonio’s supply, this report also provides an asset map of the education providers in San Antonio focused on these demand occupations. The goal is to provide a useful resource for career explorers, individuals who are new to the field and still planning their career, someone who is planning a career change, or the seasoned professional looking to reskill or upskill as part of the next step on their career journey. Report findings indicate that opportunities to join the workforce in IT and cybersecurity are available and are becoming increasingly dependent on a widening range of occupational skills, experience levels, and backgrounds.

The SA Works team also hosted a workforce summit at UTSA on January 31, 2019 to discuss workforce and education issues among leaders in industry, higher education, K-12, non-government and non-profit organizations. Key takeaways from the report and event center on continued collaboration among these key workforce and industry leaders, growth and promotion of accelerated learning programs, expanding career pathways in IT and cybersecurity, support veterans and transitioning military service members, increase experiential learning opportunities, reskilling and future-proofing San Antonio’s workforce, and development of an integrated workforce provider network.

Together, San Antonio is addressing its opportunity to support large scale IT and cybersecurity industry growth through targeted workforce development efforts. 

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