San Antonio’s Target Industries Gain Momentum

Team San Antonio has its sights set on driving growth in a set of target industries – representing key sectors of San Antonio’s diverse economy that present the greatest potential for future growth and global prominence. cybersecurity, information technology, and bioscience, have grown organically out of San Antonio’s deep military roots and exceptional education and research institutions. With a strategic focus on these industries, 2019 will continue to see accelerated industry growth across the San Antonio region.

Of the projects the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF) attracted and retained in 2018, approximately 70% of the associated jobs were in these target industries and headquarters operations. This translates to more high-wage jobs being added in San Antonio each year, opening up opportunity for San Antonians to build meaningful, well-paying careers here, and attracting a migrating workforce who seek to build careers in an exceptionally vibrant and cost competitive city.

In the past two years, cybersecurity industry growth has been accelerating, with companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Noblis, Delta Risk and PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2017, Freedom Security Alliance relocated its headquarters to San Antonio from California to realize the cost competitive, business friendly environment and SA’s top cybersecurity talent and last year, IPSecure nearly doubled its workforce at its San Antonio headquarters, realizing significant growth for a homegrown cybersecurity operation.

Port San Antonio is building the infrastructure and assets that is quickly forming a southwest San Antonio tech and cybersecurity hub. The Port is among the fastest-growing advanced technology hubs in the region, already home to major Department of Defense and private-sector cybersecurity operations that directly employ over 1,000 industry experts. There are exceptional new technology companies coming to the Port this year to continue building this rapidly-growing community.

“This growth further bolsters our community’s standing as a global cybersecurity innovation hub that provides critical support to an array of sectors—from our defense community to private enterprise,” said Port President and CEO Jim Perschbach. “This ongoing momentum is a team effort between public and private partners hard at work building on a record of success that is adding great jobs in our region’s key economic sectors.”

CAST Med, the third of San Antonio’s STEM focused high schools with direct engagement from industry, will open on the city’s south side at Brooks and welcome its first class in August of this year. Industry-led, career themed schools such as CAST Med are preparing students for careers in healthcare and bioscience, particularly medical doctors and researchers, which are critical addressing the growing demand for STEM occupations by empowering its future workforce to enter into the industry.

Later this month, SA Works will launch San Antonio’s first IT and Cybersecurity Demand Occupations and Education report, detailing the occupations employers are seeking to hire for most in San Antonio, coupled with an asset map of San Antonio’s tech and cybersecurity education providers. This tool will inform San Antonio’s strategy moving forward to ensure that the community is prepared to continue accelerating this industry growth, supporting it with a homegrown, skilled IT and cybersecurity workforce.

This year, San Antonio is ready to capitalize on the momentum and attract more business growth in these target industries.