San Antonio catapults Texas into the top five U.S. solar producing states

The nation’s largest municipally-owned mega solar project was announced in San Antonio this week through a landmark deal signed by CPS Energy and OCI Solar Power. The 25-year power purchase and economic development agreement will result in the construction of 400 megawatts (MW) of solar energy, bringing several manufacturing facilities that produce solar panel components, and creating 805 jobs in San Antonio

With an estimated economic impact of $700 million annually, the 400-MW San Antonio project is the largest in the nation among municipal utilities, and will catapult Texas into the top five U.S. solar producing states.

Providing enough electricity for nearly 70,000 local households—or about 10 percent of San Antonio’s customers—the final deal also will deliver:

  • new corporate headquarters in San Antonio;
  • an estimated $100 million high-tech U.S. manufacturing operation in south San Antonio;
  • 800-plus professional and technical jobs with an annual payroll of nearly $40 million; 75 percent of those jobs will be in the renewable energy sector;
  • $700 million in annual economic impact;
  • $1 billion in construction investment; and,
  • a 25-year power purchase agreement.

The anchor manufacturer in the consortium is Nexolon America LLC, a subsidiary of Nexolon, an established global leader in manufacturing components used in solar panels. Nexolon America LLC played a pivotal role in making the deal a success through its commitment to investing $100 million in building a high-tech manufacturing facility and locating its North American headquarters in San Antonio, in total creating over 400 jobs. All combined, the consortium’s efforts on this project will result in more than 800 long-term jobs in addition to the jobs that will be necessary to construct the manufacturing facilities and the solar energy plants.

Next steps include Nexolon and other supply chain companies working closely with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation and other economic development partners to address key location factors and real estate solutions. The SAEDF will help Nexolon and other companies become more familiar with local business processes to ensure a successful start-up of their operations in San Antonio.