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Community Has Rare Opportunity to Build San Antonio’s Future
by Jenna Saucedo-Herrera

San Antonio is a large city today that’s on a fast-paced growth trajectory. What’s truly unique, we live in a developed city with room for further expansion and improvement. The community at large has a rare opportunity to influence our city’s direction if we choose to be civically engaged. Now, more than ever, in an era of political polarization at all levels of government, it’s imperative that individual voices are heard.

If you spend any time on social media, it’s clear that everyone has an opinion. And yet our civic engagement doesn’t measure up, specifically in our community’s voter turnout. In the 2017 municipal elections, a narrow 13% or nearly 100,000 registered voters showed up during the near two weeks voting period, according to SA2020. That’s an extremely disappointing figure when you consider our total population is greater than 1.4 million.

Major initiatives, like our city’s downtown renaissance, affordable and urban housing development, and transportation infrastructure, are taking shape in San Antonio today and through our upcoming municipal elections. All San Antonians should participate in the local politics that will shape our community for generations to come. No matter your choice, it’s imperative to go vote. The leaders we elect directly impact our future trajectory on initiatives large and small.

There are a handful of resources for the current election to learn about the issues at hand, the individuals running, and the record of our current leaders up for reelection. SA2020’sI Love San Antonio guide covers what you need to know before heading to the polls for the upcoming municipal election. Pair that with a voter rights guide from the League of Women Voters and the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s City Council scorecard, and citizens of San Antonio can make an informed decision in the coming days.

Our local government is the closest to us with the largest impact on our daily lives. Now is the time to get involved, learn about the issues and opportunities we have in our city, and voice your opinion to build San Antonio’s future. Take the time to learn about the local issues and make your voice heard this Saturday, May 4!

For information on voting dates, locations and hours, view the City of San Antonio municipal elections guide.

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