President POV

‘Secretly Cool’ Turning ‘Undeniably Cool’
Jenna Saucedo-Herrera

It’s been an exciting start to the year and we’ve made strong progress as we wrap up the first quarter of 2017. I am very proud of not only the SAEDF team, but also our San Antonio partners and stakeholders for collaborating to capitalize on San Antonio’s momentum. This has been a month of fast-paced growth, considerable expansion and meaningful reflection. I’ve noticed as of late that the headlines in the San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio Express-News and Rivard Report feature stories of our business community successes. I would like to take a moment to recognize those companies and organizations on their achievements. In a city as collaborative as ours, every one of your wins is a gain across the board. Congratulations and thank you for investing in our great city.

As the end of every quarter approaches, SAEDF has the opportunity to address the outstanding organizations that contribute toward our San Antonio wins, the SAEDF members. Broadway Bank hosted the year’s first quarterly meeting, with SAEDF board chairman Wayne Peacock and EDF Executive Committee member David Crouch of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, presenting updates on SAEDF, SA Works and our economic development pursuits. We discussed this common notion that San Antonio is ‘secretly cool’. Let’s be bold and emphatic in our ‘coolness’, sharing it with the world and attracting young professionals looking for their next big break in a city that can meet their contemporary lifestyle with bold flavors and abundant inspiration.

Our city is preparing to sustain and improve upon the quality of place our citizens enjoy through the OneSA Bond Campaign, an unprecedented $850 million investment in 180 city projects. Part of staying cool is updating our city’s infrastructure to accommodate the expected increase of 1 million residents by 2040. In supporting the latest city bond program, we ensure our community’s future success, prioritizing improvements for our streets, bridges, sidewalks, flood control, parks and recreation facilities, safety and neighborhoods. As a city, we must commit to continued investment and improvement as we work to position ourselves as a globally competitive community.

San Antonio’s quality of place is exceptional and initiatives such as OneSA support maintaining and enhancing our superior position. Recently Resonance ranked San Antonio a top U.S. city in their Place Equity Index. To formulate the report, they analyzed the quality of place, reputation and competitive identity among the U.S. cities with populations greater than 250,000. They also released a report recognizing San Antonio in the Top 100 World's Best City Brands of 2017. This is something the SAEDF team and many stakeholders have passionately propelled forward—selling the authentic story behind San Antonio in one unified voice. Those efforts will continue to build and pay off as we solidify San Antonio’s branding movement. We’re proud to say that San Antonio is no longer ‘secretly cool’, it is ‘undeniably cool’.

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