Member Highlight: SWBC

SWBC co-founders Charlie Amato and Gary Dudley formed SWBC in 1976 after recognizing their shared philosophy, that financial services companies should be driven by clients’ needs. They chose to start their own financial services company in San Antonio, building upon that shared vision and desire. SWBC began by catering to the needs of lending institutions, including credit unions and banks, providing solutions to help financial institutions avoid losses, mitigate risks, and strengthen their loan portfolios.

In the wake of the 1970s oil energy crisis, interest rates soared to 20 percent in June of 1981. The business of handing out loans had dried up, and SWBC made a decision to diversify with both products and services and geographically, allowing the business to never have to rely on any one product or service. Today, SWBC offers a wide range of insurance, mortgage, and investment services to individuals businesses, and financial institutions. It is licensed to market and service a variety of financial products in all 50 states, and their products are offered through several wholly owned subsidiary corporations. In 40 years, SWBC has grown to more than 2,600 employees across the U.S. and manages business around the world.

SWBC is proud to call San Antonio home. The citizens are friendly, hardworking, and have a passion for making things better. Also, the city enjoys a bilingual workforce and a business community that is always ready to work together to forge strong business partnerships. No matter where one may live within the city limits, San Antonio has such a sense of community. Though the seventh largest city in the nation, its companies, employees, and leadership work closely together to reach common goals, such as addressing infrastructure, water, and education.

SWBC is located in Texas, a right-to-work state, and leadership enjoys business-friendly regulations such as no state income tax and tort reform. With a fiscally conservative and business-friendly legislature, Texas has consistently been ranked as one the best states to do business. Thanks to the area’s local leadership, such as the county judge, mayor, and city manager all working together, the citizens enjoy a AAA bond rating, smart growth regulations, and fiscally responsible budgets. This all yields to having capital that can be invested back in the community, growing personnel, and increasing the industry’s footprint.

A fundamental element of SWBC's corporate culture is community involvement. Amato and Dudley have always promoted community awareness and involvement. Through all of its business growth and diversification, SWBC is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen and compassionate neighbor in the communities in which its employees live and work. They spend countless volunteer hours giving back to the community through the SWBC Cares program, including clothing and food drives, participating in charitable walks, and serving on numerous boards and committees within the community. Part of SWBC’s community support is the SWBC Live Lab that recently opened to thousands of people at the newly-renovated Witte Museum with contributions from the SWBC Foundation. The new exhibit features live native Texas animals, aquariums, and a live video stream of bird nests for students and visitors to enjoy.

Amato and Dudley’s San Antonio entrepreneurial story has had a lasting and strong impact on San Antonio, and they look forward to continue growing and supporting our community. For more information, visit SWBC’s website at

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