Investor Spotlight: Texas Mutual

San Antonians have a unique ability to work together toward a common goal. Growing career opportunities for the people of the region is a top priority for the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF).

Since 2018, SAEDF’s workforce development team, SA Works, regularly publishes a Jobs Report to show market demand and required skills in three key industries: I.T., Manufacturing, and Healthcare. The report helps employers align with education and workforce training providers in direct response to industry need, with the goal of putting San Antonians to work in meaningful, prosperous careers.

The latest Jobs Report indicates a continued downward trend in I.T. and Healthcare job-fill ratios, meaning employers are challenged to fill posted positions. The report also states that the manufacturing industry is growing at a faster rate than the national average of 1.8%, and has added almost 3,400 jobs (7.8% growth) in the past 5 years. These trends, coupled with the global coronavirus pandemic, have heightened the sense of urgency to help more people reskill and upskill to begin careers in these demand industries.

With Texas Mutual in a lead role, SAEDF is working with the private sector and education providers to develop a comprehensive plan aimed at removing barriers between the region’s workforce and meaningful careers in manufacturing and skilled trades. Texas Mutual has stepped up with $100,000 to help fund the effort and is looking to other companies to join the effort.

“With our partners in the private and education sectors, we will learn what attracts people to careers in manufacturing, and also what detracts. We will use what we learn to develop strong and compelling messages that inspire action—we want people to view these careers as the viable opportunity they are, and ultimately pursue the work,” said Romanita Matta-Barrera, Executive Director of SA Works.

This effort is part of Texas Mutual’s statewide strategy to help employers build a stronger, safer workforce to support economic growth in Texas. Texas Mutual has distributed $1.1 million in grants to 16 organizations who are creating pathways to in-demand career training, including SAEDF through SA Works.

Through these strategic partnerships, Texas Mutual is able to deliver impactful workforce development initiatives that benefit local communities and the state’s workforce. By working together, Texas Mutual is strengthening job-skill training, influencing statewide change and empowering community collaboration.

“We are excited to support the effort to dispel the age-old myths of manufacturing and help more people embark on meaningful careers in this advanced industry. We are the first, but we know we will not be the last organization to see the value of this work. I would encourage all business leaders in the region to think about the future of work and how they can ensure that San Antonio and Texas are ready to meet the opportunities ahead,” said Jim Kohloff, Regional Vice President of Texas Mutual.