Investor Spotlight: Santana Group

The companies supporting workforce development in the San Antonio region are just as diverse as the talent they connect to industry. The Santana Group of companies provides innovative outsourcing solutions to organizations across all industries. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Santana Group includes five companies including Integrated Human Capital, Workforce Management Mexico, Diversa, Forma Automotive, LLC, and Oveana.

The Santana Group began with the founding of Integrated Human Capital (IHC), a full-service staffing company, which delivers workforce solutions across the United States. Founder and CEO Rosa Santana launched IHC in El Paso, Texas in 2002. In 2015, the Santana Group added its newest member to the group of companies, Forma Automotive, which provides fully assembled Tacoma truck beds to Toyota as Toyota’s first Hispanic, woman-owned direct Tier I supplier.

“I found a very welcoming business community in San Antonio and authenticity that’s difficult to find in other markets,” remarks Santana. “As we expand in the market, we’ve been successful in establishing fruitful partnerships that empower Santana Group to best serve its people and clients.”

The Santana Group sees the demand for a readily trained workforce rise in San Antonio, as well as across the US. Nationally, there are more than 7.3 million jobs available and 6 million people unemployed to fill them.

“Overall, San Antonio’s workforce is strong, but we are seeing jobs grow at a faster rate than we can produce the talent from regional colleges, universities, and trade programs,” Santana added. “It is exciting to see organizations coming together, like Alamo Colleges, the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, SA Works, Reforma, and others, to analyze our workforce trends and develop opportunities to fill industry need.”

The Santana Group believes San Antonio’s diverse population is its strength in developing an equally diverse workforce. San Antonio’s IT, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality industries are trending with the highest demand for workers. The IT industry, in particular, is beginning to grow in San Antonio and there is a concerted effort by local institutions to anticipate needs of current and future employers through developing new programs that start at the high school level and continue into higher education.

The presence of the military and their spouses are a significant asset in San Antonio’s workforce. So much so, IHC added a market manager to work closely with military transitioning from enlisted to civilian employment, the biggest opportunity being how to translate the skills acquired in the military to those needed in civilian careers. Experience in the military translates to very real abilities to solve problems, thinking critically, and lead a team. These skills are just as high demand in the civilian workforce and IHC is helping those transitioning out of the military effectively, including across other companies under the Santana Group, such as group leads, team leads, and production engineers with Forma Automotive.

While industry continues to define what the workforce of the future will look like, the Santana Group focuses on these trends and developing partnerships to ensure they continue to expand services for their valued clients and workforce.