Investor Spotlight: Amegy Bank

In each community it serves, Amegy Bank works to support meaningful partnerships across sectors.

Amegy Bank first set out to establish a presence in San Antonio in 2007. Since then, the Central Texas market is on its way to making up 10% of the entire bank, and David McGee, President & CEO of Amegy Bank-Central Texas, credits the healthy business climate in San Antonio for that. Amegy has been a provider of financial partnerships and community support for San Antonio, placing local, family-owned businesses as a priority for growth and collaboration.

This 2019 Fiesta season was especially exciting for Amegy’s partners, particularly for the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF). Amegy Bank generously collaborated with SAEDF to present San Antonio with a Fiesta medal representative of the community’s economic growth, a true team effort.

The medal is a staple of an annual San Antonio tradition, where the community at large gathers for a city-wide, two-week-long festival that helps local organizations fundraise for various causes, officially known as Fiesta. This year, SAEDF’s Fiesta Medal is the embodiment of the true spirit of collaboration, showcasing the commitment that Amegy Bank has for community progress.

President & CEO of Amegy Bank-Central Texas David McGee, who is also Chairman of the SAEDF Executive Committee said, “Our first thought is, ‘how can we add value to our relationships across San Antonio and our region?’ At Amegy, we are all about supporting our neighbors, and that includes supporting celebration and keeping San Antonio traditions alive! We believe in supporting our community and the organizations, like SAEDF, that help it reach its greatest potential.”

Amegy’s partnership with SAEDF over the last 5 years is a testament to the commitment they show to the communities they serve financially. From providing sound guidance and input for growing San Antonio’s economy to helping SAEDF celebrate Fiesta, Amegy’s partnership places collaboration first.

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