Industry Highlight: Information Technology

CaptureRx is the latest in a series of notable technology companies to stake their claim in the emerging downtown Tech District, which is quickly developing into something recognized regionally. San Antonio is uniquely positioned to continue developing its thriving tech ecosystem. Ranked second only to D.C. in cybersecurity resources and backed by a skilled workforce that often reflects the sort of fine cyber training instilled by the U.S. armed forces, recent developments promise a tech landscape equipped to rival and supersede larger markets.

One such story of momentum takes us back to Dialpad, an IT company that shared news of their expansion into San Antonio’s downtown Tech District last August. The company provides cloud-based phone and meeting systems that improve enterprise communication through the use of computer or mobile applications. After accepting city and county incentives, they officially opened their doors at the Travis Park Plaza building on March 2. The grand opening featured a festive open house, bringing together community and tech industry leaders to celebrate the latest tech company opening their doors downtown.

To nurture this ever-expanding sector, a new tech startup accelerator recently launched called RealCo Accelerator. Their mission—providing internet tech startups with the early funding, mentorship and resources necessary to flourish. RealCo celebrated their official launch on March 1 following Startup Week’s five-day techie programming. RealCo will play an integral role in this sector’s growth by helping B2B technology companies get off the ground and then teaching those organizations how to harness the power of their brand to grow. RealCo keeps a small equity stake in each company it aids and provides an invaluable service, giving many startups the knowledge and experience they need to grow and gain funding in San Antonio.

In addition to the new tech accelerator on the block, CAST Tech high school is moving along quickly, preparing for the 2017-18 school year. The technology-focused curriculum will provide a real-world view of the industry. CAST Tech recently announced their first advisory committee comprised of local technology business leaders that will oversee curriculum, internship opportunities and interviews following graduation. This career-themed high school will help shape San Antonio’s workforce to meet and exceed the industry needs this growing sector. In order to sustain such a thriving and innovative technology hub, the city must continue to provide a workforce pipeline to fulfill employer expectations.

The trend is clear—technology continues to rule the Alamo City, making the future ahead one of brilliant ideas, impressive growth and exciting announcements. Stay tuned as we witness upcoming additions to San Antonio’s technology landscape. 

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