Final Week to Hire SA Works Summer Interns

San Antonio businesses know what they are doing this summer. Across San Antonio, they’re preparing to welcome new team members, high school summer interns. SA Works, the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation’s workforce development team, is just 20 internships away from its goal to secure 400 paid high school internships this summer. The final days are here for employers to participate in this summer’s internship program.

There are more than 1,400 students registered through SA Works’ internship portal who are ready to work this summer. These student interns bring new perspectives to the workplace that are saving employers real money.

“We had a great experience with our first cohort of high school interns in 2018 and we look forward to this summer’s program,” said Bret Piatt, CEO of Jungle Disk. “Last summer the team produced two incredible marketing insights for our cybersecurity suite. Internship programs like this play an important role in developing the future local tech and cybersecurity talent pipeline we need to sustain our regional growth.”

Beyond the true cost savings paid interns provide, employers are able to grow leadership skills among the supervisors assigned to work with interns during the summer.

Posting is easy through SA Works’ job matching portal. Employers in the San Antonio region are encouraged to visit to learn more register.

Want more information? Contact Saani Fong, SA Works’ School-to-Career Director at