CPS Energy Launches Simply Solar℠

Simply SolarSan Antonio is ranked 7th in the nation for solar energy and is committed to being a leader in the clean energy economy through investment and training.

What is the clean energy economy? We’re glad you asked!

A clean energy economy promotes reducing environmental risks and ecological insufficiencies, ultimately supporting economic development conducted without depletion of natural resources and degrading the environment.

CPS Energy, the nation’s largest municipally-owned electric and gas provider, calls San Antonio home and plays a vital role in the City’s environmental and economic development efforts.

CPS Energy recently announced the launch of Simply Solar℠, partnering with Clean Energy Collective (CEC) and PowerFin Partners for two separate pilot programs – Roofless Solar and SolarHostSA, respectively.

How do the two Simply Solar℠ programs work? Simply Solar℠ allows businesses and residential customers to invest in solar energy generation without paying hefty costs for the systems to be installed or maintained. Roofless Solar will allow customers to buy panels on a community solar plot and in turn receive credits directly on their bill for the solar power produced. The SolarHostSA program will allow customers to host CPS Energy owned panels on their roofs and receive a credit on their bill for the solar power produced by those panels. These programs will help CPS Energy reach their goal of making renewable energy 20 percent of energy generation capacity by 2020.

San Antonio continues to make impactful strides, leading in clean energy efforts. Under the leadership of our local companies and collaborative partnerships, we can expect to see San Antonio as a trailblazer in national clean energy efforts.

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