Behind the Deals: Economic Development Momentum

PenFed, EY, Victory Capital, Accenture Federal Services and Cuisine Solutions represent recent economic development projects that are adding new, good paying jobs in the San Antonio community, from the north side in Bulverde to the south side at Brooks. They all selected San Antonio for investment and job growth, but that doesn’t just happen. Team San Antonio is actively targeting industries and geographies to reach companies that should consider our community for their next expansion or relocation.

Many people were first exposed to the economic development process through the Amazon request for proposals. That high profile, publicized site selection process broke the mold and brought to light a process that is usually conducted under layers of non-disclosure agreements and project code names.

In San Antonio, it’s a targeted recruitment and retention strategy that is fueling economic growth momentum. SAEDF is focused on a set of industries, including technology, cybersecurity, life science, and manufacturing, to further diversify and grow San Antonio’s economy and generate new jobs for San Antonians.

Targeted advertising, outbound marketing trips, visits from company prospects to San Antonio, and continuous engagement with site selector and C-suite targets are generating project wins for San Antonio. Since 2017, SAEDF’s efforts have added 13,600 jobs into the San Antonio community and the organization projects that in 2019 will yield even higher annual job numbers.

As SAEDF continues to grow its global reach, time, talent and investment are needed from the businesses and stakeholders throughout the San Antonio region. SAEDF investors influence strategy and challenge the organization to continuously improve to win larger projects that impact the entire region.

This year, SAEDF will embark on its strategic planning process, reevaluating the market, its assets, and industry targets to plan for San Antonio’s next 5 years of job growth. Today, over 170 public and private sector investors in San Antonio are supporting these efforts. There is room for more at the table to directly influence Team San Antonio’s pursuit of its economically healthy and prosperous future. 

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