2019 International Business Forum Honors Legacy of Tom C. Frost

Each year, SAEDF hosts an international business forum, connecting local businesses with export opportunities and welcoming international companies to consider investment in San Antonio. The 6th Annual International Business Forum is renamed the Tom C. Frost International Business Forum to honor the business leader’s legacy of promoting international relations and global trade for the San Antonio region.

“While my father supported many different interests in the San Antonio region, he strongly advocated for global business development and fostered trade relationships with Japan, Mexico, and others we continue to see benefits from today,” said Pat Frost, President of Frost Bank. “We are honored to see his name associated with an event that continues that work.”

Frost promoted San Antonio’s global business development efforts and played a critical role in establishing the former Free Trade Alliance (FTA). SAEDF integrated the Free Trade Alliance in 2018, bringing together San Antonio’s global trade and investment efforts under one united organization. Since the integration, SAEDF attracted over $420 million in foreign direct investment, resulting in more than 2,000 new jobs for the San Antonio region.

“Over the past year, SAEDF and partners worked with the Brookings Institute to update San Antonio’s Trade and Investment Strategy which will align and prioritize how our region builds business and cultural ties with targeted international metros,” said Sarah Sanchez, Executive Vice President of Global Development at SAEDF. “SAEDF takes great pride in continuing the work of Tom C. Frost through the Business Forum and its efforts to market San Antonio globally.”

SAEDF leads San Antonio’s export and FDI strategic efforts. Equipped with Brookings data guiding metro prioritization, the San Antonio region is much better positioned to attract new foreign investment and support our local trade development.

The Tom C. Frost Forum will feature three conference tracks designed for export development, import development and foreign diplomats. The keynote luncheon will focus on the impact of tariffs on trade and global supply chains, with speakers to be announced in the coming weeks. The daylong event will take place on November 13, 2019, at the University of the Incarnate Word.

To register for the Forum, visit or call 210-802-2623 for more information.