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Palo Alto College

Opened in 1985 after a hard-won battle by parents who wanted a higher education institution on the long-neglected southern sector of Bexar County, Palo Alto College has excelled in preparing first-generation college students to successfully gain employment or transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree. Begun in 1985 with 231 students, Palo Alto College reached a record enrollment of 9,163 students in Fall 2011. The students are 69 percent Hispanic and 80 percent are enrolled as part-time students. Palo Alto College offers a variety of two-year Associate Degree programs that can lead directly to the workforce or be applied toward transfer to a university. The College also offers short-term Certificate programs that lead directly to a job. Non-credit classes are offered through Corporate and Community Education. The College also has partnerships for training with Toyota and its suppliers, CPS Energy and others. It also is a site for VITA volunteers to help low-income residents prepare their income tax returns. For more information, visit