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Financial Services

The Financial Services industry in San Antonio includes the following sectors: banking and credit; investment activities; insurance; funds, trusts and other financial vehicles; accounting and bookkeeping. San Antonio’s financial sector employs more than 60,500 people, and is one of the city’s most stable, promising and significant business sectors despite the recent economic recession.

The banking and credit sector includes commercial banking; savings institutions; credit unions; credit card issuing; sales financing; mortgage and nonmortgage loan brokers; and financial transactions processing, reserve and clearinghouse activities.

The investment sector includes investment banking and securities dealing; securities brokerage; commodity contracts dealing and brokerage; securities and commodity exchange; portfolio management; and investment advice.

The insurance sector includes direct life, health and medical insurance carriers; property and casualty insurance carriers; title insurance carriers; insurance agencies and brokerages; claim adjusting and third party administrators.

The funds, trusts and other financial activities sector includes pension funds; health and welfare funds; open-end investment funds; trusts, estates and agency accounts; real estate investment trusts.

The accounting and bookkeeping sector includes offices and certified public accountants; tax preparation services; and payroll services.

Source: Finance San Antonio ad hoc committee

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