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San Antonio has a large and diverse manufacturing industry, with a representation of every major sector of U.S. manufacturing present in the community, including materials and electricity, equipment and metal, transportation, and diversified products. A 2016 impact study conducted by the San Antonio Manufacturers Association and SAEDF indicated that San Antonio’s manufacturing industry had an economic impact of $40.1 billion, employing over 51,000 San Antonians and paid 23% above the average annual salary for all workers in San Antonio.

In July 2015, San Antonio was 1 of 12 communities chosen by the U.S. Department of Commerce to join its Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership program. Communities that are part of the program receive preference when applying for federal grants to promote their local manufacturing industries. San Antonio applied as the  Alamo Manufacturing Partnership, bringing together 13 partner organizations to collaboratively approach growing San Antonio’s thriving manufacturing industry.

Major Manufacturing Companies in San Antonio MSA