With San Antonio’s diverse mix of education institutions, nationally-recognized healthcare systems, cutting-edge biotech companies and successful national corporations, the bioscience and healthcare industry is a dominant force in the city’s economy.

The industry includes both direct and indirect healthcare services. Direct healthcare services include care provided in hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, offices and clinics of a variety of other healthcare providers, and various other outpatient and ambulatory care settings. Indirect related industries complement and support the provision of medical and healthcare. These industry sectors include health insurance carriers, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment producers and manufacturers, civilian and military medical education, biomedical research organizations, residential care and social service providers, and a variety of related endeavors.

Economic Impact

  • In 2009, according to a Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce study, the economic impact of the Bioscience and Healthcare industry was more than $24.5 billion.
  • The industry paid $6.5 billion in wages and salaries to 141,251 employees in 2009.
  • One of every six San Antonio employees works in the Bioscience and Healthcare industry.
  • The Bioscience and Healthcare industry has added nearly 33,000 net new jobs over the past decade, fueling San Antonio’s growth.

Bioscience and Healthcare Jobs in San Antonio MSA

Occupation 2010 Jobs 2011 Jobs Change % Change
Registered nurse 10,741 17,640 6,89 64%
Nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants 7,728 7,380 -348 -4.5%
Personal and home care aides 7,813 8,870 1,057 13.5%
Medical and clinical laboratory technologists 293 1,420 1,127 385%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics



Job Title Average Hourly Wage
Medical Laboratory Technologist $18.99
Nursing Director $41.58
Certified Nursing Assistant $11.11
Medical Records Clerk $12.02
Medical Assistant (non-certified) $12.05
Pharmacy Technician (certified) $14.84
Source: Werling Associates, Inc.


Growth in the Bioscience and Healthcare Industry

In 2009, Medtronic’s new Diabetes Therapy Management & Education Center began operations in San Antonio. When fully staffed, Medtronic’s San Antonio center is expected to generate more than $700 million per year in economic impact for the city and state, according to an impact study generated by SAEDF. In May 2010, BD opened their North American Professional Services Center Headquarters with plans to hire 300. This is the first of four professional services centers planned across the globe.

Another recent win for San Antonio’s bioscience sector is the opening of InCube Labs, a local branch of a life science incubator based in the Silicon Valley of California. InCube expects to bring up to five biomedical startup companies and a locally-focused venture capital fund to San Antonio. The first three companies were announced in the fall of 2010.

Bioscience and Healthcare Companies in San Antonio MSA