San Antonio is commonly known as “the heart of Texas.” Its geographic pin in the American Southwest and South Central Texas contribute to some of its most valued assets.



San Antonio is recognized as the #1 City for Economic Growth Potential according to Business Facilities.


Infrastructure Solutions

Connect with SA Connect, the first tool of its kind. SA Connect, a digital community infrastructure platform, is an online interactive tool that makes key infrastructure data readily available for online users.


Real Estate Solutions

Discover why San Antonio is the best place for your business to grow.


Competitive Incentives

With local, state and federal incentives, San Antonio is full of unique advantages and opportunities for your company.


Local Government

Learn more about San Antonio's local government and the people involved.



As the 7th largest city in the country, San Antonio faces the demands of almost all metropolitan areas – the need for sufficient energy, water and telecommunication services. Through its abundant resources, the City provides reliable and affordable sources for corporate and private citizens. Through strategic forecasting, plans are already in place to grow our resources responsible and dramatically as the demand increases.


Quality of Life

On any given day and place in San Antonio, you will hear languages of the world in business and leisure environments.


San Antonio ranks #9 in in top 10 regions in U.S. for growing companies

Kauffman Foundation


Indo-MIM spent more than 18 months locating its first U.S. manufacturing facility and examined multiple locations in search for the best site. San Antonio's Economic Development Foundation and Port San Antonio ultimately clinched the deal due to the sophistication of the local manufacturing and industrial culture, strong workforce solutions providers and the City of San Antonio’s and Bexar County’s ability to work with private and public entities to create the right environment for a globalized manufacturing company to thrive long-term.

{ Krishna Chivukula, Jr, Indo-MIM CEO }