Every large metropolitan area faces significant current demand – and growing future need – for power, water, and telecommunication services. San Antonio is no exception. Luckily for both private and corporate citizens, however, this area is blessed with reliable, abundant and affordable sources for all of these. What’s more, plans are already in place to grow responsibly and dramatically in capacity as demand increases.

  • Electric Power & Natural Gas. CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally-owned utility providing both electric power and natural gas.
  • Water. The Edwards Aquifer is famed for some of the cleanest water in the country – and water from this source, as well as multiple area lakes, rivers and aquifers, is provided by SAWS, a major municipally-owned utility, as well as BexarMet, a consortium of several smaller water systems.
  • Telecommunications Service. Multiple providers serve the San Antonio MSA, including two major national names: AT&T and Time Warner Cable.